About Us

We are the craziest collection of skeletons around. Because of our unique Pose-N-Stay feature we are capable of doing life like poses in all types of scenes. Our website is full of photos of what Crazy Bonez has done, and where he has travelled. Join in the fun with your Crazy Bonez Skeleton.

Need tips for bringing your Crazy Bonez Skeleton to life or ideas for planning a spooky yard scene? Check out all of our crazy images to help spark your creativity.

Have you had a good prank or created a good scare with your Crazy Bonez? Or taken a Selfie photo with your skeleton? If so, go to our “submit photos” link and send us your photos. Funny or not, it’s important to focus on pranks that are not destructive to anyone’s property or well-being. So here’s to some harmless fun.

We hope you will be a part of our community.

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